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About Us

Sons of Norway Mission Statement:

The mission of Sons of Norway is to promote and to preserve the heritage and culture of Norway, to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic Countries, and provide quality insurance and financial products to our members.



District #1, Sub-district #5

Rochester, Minnesota

Organized March 1905, Charter May 30, 1905


Mike Dyrdal of Nidaros Lodge #1 organized Kristiania Lodge #47 in March 1905.  On May 30, 1905 the Lodge was formally chartered with Ole J. Hansen serving as its first President.  There were 42 chartered members.  Interest in the Lodge gradually waned to the point that the Lodge ceased all activities in 1919. 

On October 8, 1934 the Lodge was reactivated.  John Grue was the first president after the reorganization, and there were 32 members.  Area lodges attending this meeting were fifteen drill team members and other guests from Oslo #2(Minneapolis); Heimbygda #376 (Spring Grove) was represented by 26 members, also there were guests from Norumbega #217 and Valheim #108.  They met at the AOUW (American Order of Union Workers) Hall.  Balance on hand was $39.65.  Hall rent was raised to $5.00 a meeting so it changed to meetings in cabins.  In the fall they came back to the AOUW Hall.  Meetings were conducted in English.  Members paid their dues by the month (35 cents).  On September 27, 1969 the Lodge discussed purchasing the Stones Corner School on Highway 52 (organized January 9, 1856), which is now Kristiania #47 Sons of Norway Lodge, to be used as a lodge hall, and the vote to purchase this building was 44 yes and 0 no.  Ragnar Brinck, Leonard Teigen, and Ray Aune looked into the purchase.  The schoolhouse was purchased at a cost of $3,026.50.  The lodge had to corporate in order to get a loan.  They decided to take $1,026.00 out of savings and borrow the balance.  On October 8, 1969 the first meeting was held in the new building.  Balance in checking was $65.24.  It was announced that “Anyone who can’t help with work on the building can feel free to make a money donation.”  Contributions to the Lodge for chairs was $5.00 per member.  $200 was received for chairs.  On October 25, 1969, 23 new members were initiated at the social meeting. 

At the meeting on November 22, 1969 it was reported that Sons of Norway borrowed $2,600 and already paid off $1,600, balance $1,000.  Several members donated items to be raffled plus donations from members.  The mortgage was paid off in 1971.  The roof was replaced and the outside of the building painted.  It was decided to have a newsletter,

Betty Christensen was the Editor and the postage was1 ½ cents. 

On June 15, 1972, Lodge members voted 42 to 1 in favor of a building program to add on to the Lodge.  The cost for the addition to the Lodge (schoolhouse) was $14,300.  At the first meeting $5,000 was raised as a start for the financing.  Borrowing from members, for five years at no interest helped to raise money.  Notes were issued one for every $100.  As money accumulated in the treasury, notes were drawn from the hat, to be paid.  Many members donated their $100 when drawn.  The full $14,300 was paid back in less than five years.  The first meeting in the new addition was the Christmas Party on December 9, 1972.  Dedication of the new building was May 19, 1974.  The Lodge held a big celebration, and the mortgage was burned on December 3, 1977.  

Other dates and points of interest: 

Kristiania #47 had an active Junior Lodge from 1962 until the early 1970’s with 19 charter members. 

Kristiania held the 1966 Sons of Norway convention at the Kahler Hotel. 

On September 1971 classes in Norwegian needlework began.  Then in 1974 they named it “Snak Og Sy” (talk and sew), and they still are active today, meeting in the homes. 

The first “Craft and Bake Sale” was held in 1975 with crafts being strictly Norwegian.  Today there are classes for the ones who want to learn how to bake the Norwegian goodies. 

The Lodge has held raffles for which the proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund.  Summer of 1975 was the first time that they sent young people to the Skogfjorden Summer Language Camp in Bemidji.  There has been a Hardanger spread and a quilt made by the women of the Lodge.  Lloyd Mitby donated a Stabbur, Phillip Oden donated a carved trunk; Gertrude Romme donated an afghan and a Dresden plate. 

Frances Christian of Minneapolis held several art exhibits at the Lodge between 1975-1984.  These exhibits were open to the public and drew crowds.  She gave a percentage of her sales to the Lodge. 

The Lodge also had card night, highway cleanup, and bell ringers for the Salvation Army.  There has been a fish and game feed, lutefisk dinner, pancake supper, harvest feast (corn and brat feed), Italian dinner.  The proceeds from these events go to the Scholarship Fund and Lodge upkeep. 

The Lodge has its own Library, with books both in Norwegian and English   

In 1994 new wiring was put in the Lodge and inspected. 

Kristiania Lodge celebrated its 90th Anniversary on May 13, 1995.  This was held in the Holiday Inn South, DeLos Olson was President.  Those attending were Rev. Marvin Berkeland, President 1st District, and other past district officers.


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